Best TPU Cases for LG G5

The all new LG G5 is the most happening mobile set in the market. After getting your hands on that elegant smartphone, its quiet obvious that your thought have reverted to a phone case. It’ll protect your device from any sort of hazard that has the potential of bringing down you handset’s lifetime. But when you set on to find a suitable case  that not only enhances your smartphone’s look but also suits your taste, you’ll inevitably face tons of choices. And this point we’ll advice you to get a TPU case which is a case made of hybrid materials – a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone.


TPU case is an excellent choice for LG G5 handsets. Go through the spectacular TPU cases listed below and decide for yourself which one you want:

List of Best LG G5 TPU Cases

Cimo TPU Premium Slim Case for LG G5

The TPU case made by Cimo is available in five dashing colours, namely grip black, grip blue, grip clear, wave black, wave blue, wave purple, and X black. The stylishly designed case is produced with care to ensure an exact fit for the daily functionality of your device. Made of shock absorbing, shatter-proof premium TPU material, the case has beveled front edges that allows the device to be laid on the table without the risk of getting damaged. Its super-slim design and perfect fit prevents your smartphone from looking bulky. And the anti-slip property provides more grip. Its perfect for users who desire durable protection with a clean, modern design. 100% thermoplastic polyurethane composition of the case offers superior shock absorption and flexibility.

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Tudia TPU Full Matte Case for LG G5

Made by Tudia, its a Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU rubberised gel silicone skin case. Its extremely durable and provides a soft comfortable grip for your LG G5 phone. One of the greatest advantage is that it has a durable flexi-shell cover with raised edges designed to protect the display screen from scratches when the device is placed face down. Its unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the best lg g5 case. Furthermore the case promises to protect your wireless device from scratches and other damages therefore keeping it brand new for a long time.

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Pleson Drop Protection TPU Case for LG G5

This long-lasting durable skin case is made with top grade TPU material that’ll protect your wireless device and give it a nice soft comfortable surface to hold on to. With openings for all buttons and connectors, the LG G5 can be fully functional when equipped with this cover. TPU comes with Grip Bumper, corner protection, front raised edges recess in your screen to protect it when placed face down. Its anti-slip properties will give you more grip on surfaces and 3H rating premium scratch resistant material provides excellent protection for your smartphone.

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Poetic TPU Protective Hybrid Case for LG G5

Poetic’s durable TPU brings a smooth sleek form to your device and prevents attracting dust and oil. This LG G5 case is shock absorbent, shatter-proof, and anti-scratch as well. It also features fortified bumper made of dense TPU for maximum drop protection at the corners and its frosted transparent back shell highlights the mobile device, not your fingerprints. Like all incredible TPU cases in this list, Poetic TPU Case too has raised lip for screen protection from surface scratches. Available in both metallic & ceramic craft version and leather Back version, the case has moulded edges for a sturdier grip.

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Mihua Dual Layered Armour TPU Case for LG G5

Mihua is responsible for developing this unique case that comes with a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection and provides ultimate protection from scratches and damaging impact. Its a hybrid dual layer armour defender case. The case is built to protect your phone from dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and other all environmental damages. It is very durable and excellent looking. The beveled front edges allows the smartphone to lay on the table without fear of getting scratched. Mihua  provides a lifetime warranty for its cases and promises to enhance the beauty of your LG G5 phone once you put on the case. Precisely cut-out for access to all buttons, cameras, speakers, and ports. The Mihua TPU Case is an excellent buy.

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Caseology Wavelength Series TPU Case for LG G5

Developed by Caseology, one of the most well-known mobile phone case manufacturer, their TPU Case comes in five different colours – black/black, coral pink, navy blue, red black and turquoise mint. Caseology’s Wavelength Series TPU case has got improved access to all ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and mics. Although it is soft and shock observant, it has highly resistant to oil, dirt, scratches with finished look of a hard case. Designed and produced by one of the leading manufacturers in South Korea, Caseology comes with a note that due to camera lighting, actual case may contain a subtle shimmer, which we think is only going to make your phone look cool!

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Kayscase Slim Soft Gel TPU Cover Case for LG G5

This is one, Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU rubberised gel silicone skin case that is both extremely durable and provides a very soft and comfortable grip. One of the best smartphone makers of all time, Kayscase has come out with high quality thermo poly urethane case for your LG G5 Smart Phone. The slim soft gel TPU cover case is, as the name suggests, is ultra slim with easy grip. Its precise cut-out enables comfortable access to the required buttons and other controls. The case ensures that your device experiences minimum bulkiness and balanced protection. The case promises to fully protects the back, sides and the edges of the front glass delivering everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, and everyday hazards.

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Spigen Metallized Buttons Neo Hybrid TPU case for LG G5

Any list on best smartphone cases is incomplete without Spigen. One of the most premium LG G5 cases out in the market, the all new Spigen Metallized Buttons Neo Hybrid TPU Case is available in just one colour (gunmetal) with rubberised pattern that adds to the style. Its got comfortable grip and shock-absorbing capability too, owing to a polycarbonate bumper. The case comes with an anti-sling design on the sides of the case that protects your case from sliding. What the bumper does is that, it provides your device with stronger perimeter protection. And of course it has got the usual accurate cut-outs for camera, speaker and other buttons.

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Diztronic Full Matte Flexible TPU Case for LG G5

Diztronic’s LG G5 cases are incredible soft to the users touch and comes in Metallic, Ceramic and Leather Models. Thanks to its matte finish, there is no risk of fingerprint. The case is thin, only 1.6mm thick and light-weighed.The patterns found on the case are made with the most advanced printing technology and have bright vivid, color effect. Its lay-on-the-table design helps protect the display of the device from damage when placed face down. The good news is, besides saving the phone, the case is self-protecting too. Made of durable, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Diztronic’s case won’t break, crack, or even chip. Diztronic Full Matte Flexible TPU Case is available in only one colour, that is, Charcoal Grey.

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Amzer Pudding TPU Case for LG G5

Amzer Pudding comes in black and is an excellent choice for your brand new LG G5 smartphone. The matte finish of this particular case promotes grip and minimizes sliding on flat surfaces. It comes with the facility to plug in your charger, cable or headset seamlessly, without removing the case. Additionally, the Amzer Pudding TPU Case prevents scratches, dust, drops, shock and the wear and tear of everyday.Far more advanced than its previous predecessors, this Pudding TPU Case is fashioned from multiple thermoacrylics forming a case that is highly elastic and highly resistant to oil, corrosion and abrasions.

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Last Words:

Folks, these days buying a smartphone isn’t enough, you need to be able to protect it and what better way to protect it than use a TPU case for your new LG G5. Did we miss any TPU case that is ought to be in this list? Comment below. And in case you are totally unsatisfied with what these TPU cases has to offer, take a look at our other list consisting best battery cases here.

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