Pressure Washers – All you need to know

Pressure Washing is a unique way to remove stains, marks, and clean heavy structures through water pressure. The original idea of Pressure Washers emerged during the 1950s where hot water was used for cleaning, however, the mechanics have since improved and steam water is now used.

How is Pressure Washer used?

The Steamed Water is applied on the subject for cleaning with extreme pressure so that the surface is cleaned. It is generally used to clear metals and concretes. The best part of the Pressure Washers is that it can be fitted to any water source like water tap of the garden or any tank used to store water. The button provided in the machine is generally used to control the water pressure.

Types of Pressure Washers

There are different types of Pressure Washers depending on the pressure of the water used.

  1. Low Pressure Washing Cleaning – It uses around 5000 psi (per square inch) or 34 MPa (Mega Pascal) water pressure for cleaning
  2. High Pressure Washing Cleaning – It uses around 5000-1000 psi or 34-70 MPa water pressure for cleaning
  3. High Pressure Washing Jetting – Water Jetting technique is used in this with around 10000-25000 psi or 70 to 170 MPa water pressure.
  4. Ultra High Pressure Washing Jetting – Jetting technique is used in this as well with over 25000 psi or 170 MPa. This is also referred as the Power Washing for very high water pressure.


There are different uses of the best Pressure Washers like cleaning the industrial cleaning. Both exterior and interior surfaces are cleaned with the Pressure Washing. On the other hand, high rise building, structures, and others. The Airport Strip is also cleaned by the same technique.  The Pressure Washing has extensive use in the military equipment washing and for another defence purpose as well.

The Pressure Washers should be carefully handed. If not properly used, it can lead to damage or accident as well.