top 10 Best LG G5 Screen Protectors

In the last couple of years, LG has really propelled itself to a position where technology-freaks are thrown at the edge of their seats at the slightest hint of the launch of a LG device. The impressive new LG G5 has a range of exciting features and cool design. Buying the smartphone will put a hole in your pocket but the expenditure is totally worth it. Once you’ve bought the smartphone, you must keep it safe from scratches or any kind of damage that can ruin its gorgeous look or potentially damage the functionality of the phone. The screen of LG G5 is one of the most likely places to suffer scratches or get broken. So a screen guard or screen protector is essential.

Best LG G5 Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are nothing new to any smartphone user, but choosing the right one is more challenging than you can imagine. There are tons of options available out there. Anyone is likely to get confused and make a bad decision while choosing a LG G5 screen protector. You might end up with a cheap flimsy cover that won’t last you very a week. So we have made a list of some of the best LG G5 screen protectors available in the market. Take a look:

List of best LG G5 Screen Protectors 

Supershieldz for LG G5

The Supershieldz screen protector guards the LG G5 from scratches and finger-prints and is made from the highest quality tempered glass. The company takes pride in the fact that their LG G5 screen protector is 100% bubble free. The protector gives around 99.99% high definition clarity and also claims to maintain the ‘original touch experience’, i.e. it doesn’t meddle with your screen touch experience.  Supershieldz screen protector perfectly protects the curves of the phone and neatly slides into place without any hassle. This particular screen guard is three times stronger than a regular screen protector film and has 9H strong anti-scratch.It’s made of the highest quality Japanese PET film that provides flawless touch screen accuracy.

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Skinomi Tech Glass for LG G5

The LG G5 screen protector from Skinomi is made of high quality tempered glass that promises true high definition and 99.99% transparency. It has an extraordinary Extouch capacity that allows the touch screen of the device to remain fully responsive after the screen protector is pasted on it. The Skinomi Tech Glass features an Oleophobic and electro coated surface that prevents unwanted particles from nesting on the surface of your protector. The screen guard is also backed by the unbelievable Lifetime Warranty Program by Skinomi.

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Tech Armor’s Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for LG G5

Tech Armor is another popular brand when it comes to safe guarding your smartphone.  They claim that their cover protects the phone from high impact drops and screen scratches. Besides having 99.99% high definition clarity and touch accuracy, Tech Armor’s Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector features precisely laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges. Easily installable, this particular LG G5 screen protector is a perfect fit and bubble-free too. In addition to all these amazing features, Tech Armor offers a ‘Lifetime Replacement Warranty’. Which means that if the glass breaks or get scratched they’ll replace it. All you’ll have to do is fill out a form in their website and they’ll send you a new one, free of any shipping charges.

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YooTech Tempered Glass for LG G5

Though a relatively new brand, YooTech offers durable screen protectors with industrial standard quality. YooTech Tempered Glass for LG G5 is a premium tempered glass screen protector with 2.5D 9H hardness and 0.26mm thickness. The high definition transparence film ensures maximum resolution for retina display. Made with rounded edges, the screen defender is water-proof and anti-shatter with oleophobic coating. It provides impeccable touch screen precision and high-quality ultra clear experience. Added to this YooTech offers lifetime warranty program.

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Skinomi Tech Skin for LG G5

Another great Skinomi screen guard is the Tech Skin that’s tough, reliable and long-lasting. Designed to resist abrasion, its made of a tough urethane film for military-grade protection for your devices. Once pasted its virtually invisible. The texture is smooth which make the navigation process easy and comfortable. The screen protector comes with high grade lint-Free microfiber cloth, detailed installation instructions and 100% risk-free lifetime replacement warranty. Note, that its a film cover not glass cover. Its flexible enough to allow total coverage even on curved devices. Also the Skinomi Tech Skin is designed to absorb impact, self-heal, UV resistant and is bubble-free.

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Spigen’s Crystal Japanese base Pet Film Screen Protector for LG G5

Developed by Spigen, Crystal Japanese base Pet Film Screen Protector brings a fantastic LG G5 screen protector. Pasting it is easy with no threat of bubbles. It has got 3H screen hardness for scratch protection and no rainbow effect. When it comes to the cutting, its precisely cut-out for camera and ear-piece. What this particular screen guard does is that it protects the transparent visibility with high quality PET film. This particular screen protector includes three front screen protectors.The protector is made of anti-reflective material with no harmful ingredients, reduces your eye strain along with high light transmittance films to avoid being scratched and rubbed.

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iGotTech Glass Screen Protector for LG G5

Your LG G5 screen will be perfectly protected with laser-cut TruClear Shatterproof Glass produced by iGotTech. A nearly imperceptible extension of your screen in look, feel & function will make you forget that there’s a glass screen protector. They claim that 23% of LG phones have blemished screen and its their goal to solve this issue with their premium quality ballistic glass screen protector. Customer satisfaction being their first priority, the iGotTech Glass Screen Protector offers absolute 100% shatter-proof guarantee.Added to all these, the screen protector uses no adhesive that make ruin the screen of your device.

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iCarez Screen Protector for LG G5

The iCarez Screen Protector is produced using predominantly high definition transparency film that ensures maximum resolution for retina display. That apart from keeping the phone from scratches, also take care of the users eyes. Constructed in three layers, a scratch resistant surface polymer, a hardened protective mask to prevent deep cuts from damaging your device, and patented silicone gel whose main purpose is to create a vacuum that’ll enable the protector to cling to the handset’s screen. The screen guard’s TrueTouch Sensitivity and antibacterial features, provides invisible and perfect protection on your phone’s touch screen. Its perfectly cut-out on the front that doesn’t interfere with sensors or responsiveness, this LG G5 screen protector is pretty easy to install and remove.

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Ailun Screen Protector for LG G5

Ailun’s screen-defender for LG G5 looks and feels amazing with it 0.33mm thickness and high quality material. It provides maximum protection to the screen against dust, scratches and shocks by coating the glass sheild on the screen. Easy to install and remove Ailun screen guard comea with laser cut tempered glass, exquisitely polished and rounded edges. Provides absolute HD clarity and incredible touchscreen Accuracy. With this screen protector, you’ll experience reduces fingerprints owing to its Oleophobic Coating that magically resists oils and reduces annoying fingerprints.

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GX Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG G5

The amazing GX Tempered Glass Screen Protector consists of ultra clear shock-resistant layer under the glass. The screen is almost invisible and can only been seen from directly in front of the device screen. Despite all the protective layers, you’ll experience high touch sensitivity. Normally a diamond has got a resistance of 10H and GX Tempered Glass Screen Protector has 9H scratch resistant surface with premium grade Tempered glass. Using this screen-defender will not hamper the responsiveness of your phone. Its only 0.26mm thick and 94% light penetration ratio preserves the original viewing quality.

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Last Words:

Let your friends and family members who use LG G5, breathe easier & save many of those inevitable chipped or cracked screens by telling them to order one of the above screen protectors for LG G5 asap. Share if you loved reading this post and tell us what your ideal screen protector looks like. Also Check iOS 10